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Nashville's Egyptian community watches developments closely

Fibi Youssef Fibi Youssef

For the Egyptian community in Nashville, it is difficult to watch scenes of violence unfold in the streets half a world away.

"They burned the churches, they burned the police stations, they burned the schools," said Nashville resident Fibi Youssef.

Youssef doesn't need a photo album to remember the day she walked down the aisle in a beautiful temple that has since been reduced to ruins.

The building is one of many casualties in the ongoing violence in her home country.

The mother of two never imagined when she left Egypt 13 years ago the nation would become embroiled in a political war. On one side is the Egyptian military and on the other, the Muslim Brotherhood - a group fighting to restore ousted President Mohammed Morsi back to power.

And Youssef says the Brotherhood will do anything to get it.

"It's just no word to describe these people other than terrorists," she said.

Since last week, more than 900 people have died, thousands more have been injured and dozens of historical landmarks have been destroyed during clashes with the military.

It's a situation so volatile, Youssef calls her family in Egypt several times a day to make sure they're OK.

"They're scared. They're just staying at home watching from away. They're afraid to even go out on the balcony to see what's going on in the street, because some people got killed," she said.

And while some wonder if former President Hosni Mubarak's release from prison Thursday will turn the tide, Youssef says no.

"It doesn't mean they will take him back as president," she said. "We need democratic people. We need a different way and start all from scratch."

But to do that, Youssef says world leaders need to intervene.

"Stand up, help support the Egyptian straight good people," she said.

Youssef says the Muslim Brotherhood only accounts for about 5 percent of Egyptians. The majority of the people are either Christians or moderate Muslims.

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