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Newtown group urges Starbucks to ban weapons from stores


The gun debate is heating up again and this time the battleground is Starbucks.

Earlier this month, a gun rights group wanted to celebrate the coffee company's stance on guns in their shops. As it stands, if your state allows guns to be carried in public, Starbucks allows you to carry it too.

Now a Newtown group is asking Starbucks to reconsider its position.

Earlier this month, the gun advocates had a national "Starbucks Appreciation Day," which celebrated the national policy that allows gun owners to freely carry weapons inside the coffeehouse, as long as their state allows it.

The celebration came to a head at one location in Newtown after gun owners wanted to make it a point to show up

Ultimately, the shop closed early to avoid the extra attention, but now, the Newtown Coalition for Corporate Responsibility is putting the spotlight back on Starbucks. Their members sent a letter to the world's largest coffee chain

In the letter, the members of Newtown Coalition for Corporate Responsibility requested Starbucks repeal the national gun carrying policy.

"Your core customers are people who have come to understand that to prevent another Sandy Hook, we as a society must prioritize the sanctity of human life over the individual's 'right to carry,'" the letter stated.

Some Newtown coffee drinkers agree.

"It's not something that needs to be held out in public," said Lauren Pettineli of Newtown. 

But others are hesitant to take away freedoms.

"I feel that they're targeting only the law-abiding citizens. They'll be effected by it," said Matt Dos Santos of Hartford. "A criminal won't follow gun laws."

The letter was just sent out Friday, so Starbucks hasn't responded yet. The Newtown Coalition wanted to sit with Starbucks executives to discuss further. 

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