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Candidate Collins offers plans for neighborhood revitalization

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) -

A Toledo mayoral candidate revealed his plans for neighborhood revitalization on Sunday.

Independent D. Michael Collins says if he is elected mayor he plans to develop more of a partnership between the city and the neighborhoods.

He plans to achieve that by reallocating money from various funds and city departments.

The change in funding would shift dollars from government bureaucracy directly to neighborhood organizations.

"The individual neighborhoods all have different needs when it comes to revitalizing their area. The city should not be telling them what they need. The neighborhoods need to have more of a say and more control and should be telling the city what needs to be done," said Mr. Collins.

Other changes to the way the city would deal with neighborhoods under Mr. Collins include:

 Hiring 40 police officers per year to cover attrition and reach the goal of 575 officer

 Opening the West Toledo District Police Station within 90 days of taking office

 Re-establishing "beat integrity" which will mean officers will be assigned to the same neighborhood and be more responsive and understanding of the neighborhood problems

 Re-energizing the Block Watch program by providing more city support

Collins also says he plans to establish a block watch program called 'tidy town.'

It would involve residents taking more control in cleaning up blight in their neighborhood.

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