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Pharmacy beefs up security plan after armed robbery


A pharmacy in Somers, which was shaken by an armed robbery, is overhauling its security plan.

Currently customers can walk right into the back entrance of the Somers Pharmacy, but now, as part of the stepped up security, employees will be buzzing patrons in after last week's armed robbery.

On Aug. 23, a masked man, who was in possession of a handgun, walked through their back entrance of pharmacy, police said. The man walked past this swinging door and demanded Oxycontin. 

"We're trying to find the happy medium where we can still keep our customer service at a high level, said Somers Pharmacy owner Dave Guerette.

Guerette said he's stepping up security by adding even more surveillance cameras, monitors and a new wall.

"We're beefing up security in many ways," Guerette said. 

The neighborhood pharmacy prides itself on keeping patrons happy, which is why they're willing to shell out thousands in upgrades and do the work themselves.

Customer Tony Remenik said the changes will be good, but he wished it was for different reasons.

"It stinks, but if they have to do it," Remenik said. "They have to do it."

Guerette said he's going to use the Labor Day weekend to get started implementing those changes

While the pharmacy is taking its own action, while police try to figure out if this crime is connected to others in the area.

The Somers Pharmacy is not the only one robbed in recent weeks. There were also robberies in Enfield, Manchester and East Windsor and across the state lines into Massachusetts in such towns as Westfield, Chicopee, and Holyoke.

Anyone with any information about the Somers Pharmacy robbery is asked to call the Connecticut State Police at 860-896-3200.

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