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Plans to form neighborhood watch in Jewett City


Residents and property owners in one eastern Connecticut town are banding together to keep an eye on crime. In Jewett City, they're starting a neighborhood watch.

A dozen concerned citizens such as businessman Jay Lorinsky said it can only help if everyone keeps an eye out for one another.

"Anytime you can get the community involved and make it better, why not," Lorinsky said.

"I actually had someone break into my house once, kinda by accident," said Michelle Schlegel, of Jewett City. "But it makes me feel better to know there will be somebody watching and stuff."

The residents would be watching out for things such as the recent vandalism at the skate park that was caught on camera.

However, not everyone is in favor of the neighborhood watch.

"I don't think it will do anything really," said Archie Adams, who lives in the heart of Jewett City. "I think you need a stronger police presence. They want people to do their job for them I think."

Troopers said that's not the case. Even though they make the rounds, it helps to have everyone be more involved in their community.

"Neighborhood watch would be safer," said Christine Corson, of Plainfield. "Put people's minds at ease, I think it will be good for the town."

Anyone who wants to learn more about the neighborhood watch program should contact the resident trooper's office at 860-376-2583.

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