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Frustrated residents discuss storm aid with federal, city officials


Superstorm Sandy tore through parts of the East Coast and one community hardest hit was Milford with 2,000 homes being  badly damaged.

Now 10 months later, some of those homeowners said they still haven't gotten any assistance.

Several Milford residents attended a forum inside City Hall on Monday, but many of them told Eyewitness News the workshop was a waste of time.

It was standing room only inside City Hall as homeowners showed up to get their questions answered. Instead, many said they left frustrated.

"Generalities, the lady read to us for an hour and a half, my mother did send me to the university," said Robert Perugini.

"My wife came out shaking her head, it's not helping us out," Jack Trez said.

Trez said he hasn't lived in his beach home since Sandy hit. Many others told Eyewitness News the same thing. 

Trez's house has been in the family for more than 65 years. They filed paperwork with Federal Emergency Management Agency and told Eyewitness News they were denied assistance since it's considered their second home.

"All the monies the government is allocating for community development," Trez said. "Well, we are part of the community and we need to have this house fixed."

No trespassing signs are pretty common on Cooper Avenue. Neighbors told Eyewitness News there are about 48 homes on this street and only 15 homeowners are back.

Some homes haven't been touched, but many residents said they want to get back inside their homes. They said they just need to know what to do.

"We are trying to find out where we stand and if we can't get any grant money, what do we do?" Trez asked.

The federal grant program is being offered to homeowners and business owners affected by the storm. The grants, which range from $10,000 to $150,000, can be used "to rehabilitate homes, implement mitigation measures and make homes more resilient for future storms."

Connecticut residents can now apply for federal relief funds by clicking this link.

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