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Middletown man accused of threatening to shoot maintenance staff


A Middletown man was arrested Friday after management at the Sagamore Hills Apartments said a tenant threatened to shoot a member of her maintenance staff.

On Friday, Middletown police said they were called to the Washington Street apartment complex after getting a report of the threat.

When officers arrived at the scene, the assistant manager said Aaron Burr threatened the staff member over the phone. In a statement she gave to police, she said the maintenance worker had knocked and announced his presence at the door loudly, but didn't receive an answer.

He then entered the apartment and fixed the toilet.

She said she later received a call from Burr in which he told her that if they entered his apartment again without calling first, he "would put a gun to their head."

She said that's when she tried to end the threatening call, but again Burr said, "the next person to enter will (expletive) their pants because there will be a gun to their head."

Officers said they spoke to the worker and he said he did go to the apartment and knock three times, but no one came to the door. He then entered, announced "maintenance" four times and no one responded.

He said he went to the toilet and began to repair it, and noticed two people were actually in the apartment.

He said there were two men, one being Burr and the other he assumed to be Burr's brother. He said he wasn't sure, but thought the two were using cocaine in the other room while he finished working.

While making the repairs, he said Burr didn't address him or make any comments.

He reported the incident to his manager because of the suspected drug use.

Middletown police said they checked records and found two weapons were registered to Burr and did have a valid Connecticut pistol permit. The registered weapons were described as a Glock 9mm and a Springfield Armory .40 caliber.

Police went to Burr's apartment and when he came to the door they begin to ask him some questions. At some point, police said, he made the move to re-enter his home and police grabbed his arm and placed him in handcuffs.

In plain view there was a rifle case and when police which contained a Colt M4 Carbine .22-caliber rifle and a Glock 26, 9mm handgun. Police asked if there were other weapons in the home and Burr said yes, there was one under the cushion of the couch.

Police said they looked and found a loaded Springfield Armory.

Police asked Burr about the incident and he said to them, "Yes. If they come in here again without calling, I am going to put a gun to their head."

Burr was arrested and charged with threatening. He was held on $100,000 bond and was expected to appear in court Monday.

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