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Chef Plum is in the Kitchen with Pizza Fritta

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The Taste of Danbury

Saturday, September 14

Downtown Danbury

2pm - 5pm


Pizza Fritta (Free-tah)

8 portions


1 Store bought pizza dough 1#

1 cup cherry tomatoes  halved

fresh basil (garnish)

1/2 tbls fresh oregano

1 cup ricotta cheese

1/4 cup diced onions

1 minced garlic clove

salt and pepper


-Turn the pizza dough into 8 smaller portions and roll out like a small pizza

-In a nice hot pan add tomatoes onions and garlic clove saute and add a little water, (chicken stock or wine would work as well)

-Simmer for 5 min

-In your deep fryer or another pan with vegetable oil fry one portion of dough until it browns a little and is crisp

-Spoon a little of the tomato mixture on the dough and a couple of dollops of the ricotta cheese broil for 2 minutes or so

-Serve with a little olive oil and garnish with the basil