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Weston family wins KCTV5 mortgage giveaway contest

Heili family Heili family

Lisa Heili says she never wins anything so she hadn't even considered what she would do if she didn't have mortgage payments for a year.

In a random drawing, Heili's name was chosen Friday night as part of KCTV5's contest to pay a mortgage or rent for a year. You just had to "like" KCTV5's Facebook page starting Aug. 9. You could enter every day and get five additional entries by sharing with your friends.

Altogether, 393,366 entries were submitted.

Heili entered every day once she learned of the contest, which ended at 4:59 p.m. Friday. KCTV5 then drew the stay-at-home mom's name at 5:02 p.m. 

KCTV5 contacted Heili and Creative Services Director Tye Murphy told her that she was one of three finalists we needed to prequalify. (It was a ruse. Just one name was drawn). After KCTV5 went to her Platte County home and verified her eligibility, she was overjoyed and stunned when Murphy and reporter Betsy Webster told her that she had won. She threw her hand to her mouth in shock.

"Wow. I never win anything. Ever. In my life. Ever. Ever. This is great," she gushed. "Thank you."

Heili and her husband Tim have four children: Matthew, 18, Ben, 16, Rachel, 13 and Luke, 10. Matthew is a college freshman. Ben was playing football at West Platte High School Friday night and his Dad was attending the game.

The rest of the family's arrival at the football game was delayed by KCTV5's big news. When KCTV5 initially called just after 5 p.m., Luke answered the phone and said his mother would be home in 10 minutes. When she got home, Lisa Heili said she didn't believe him when he said KCTV5 had called with big news.

"She was really excited and she didn't believe me," Luke said. "Then when he called back, she got really excited. She started jumping up and down, and she was yelling."

Lisa Heili said she had no expectations of winning.

"We've lived here a while. But now that we have a little extra money, we can do some improvements," she said. "With a son in college, that's going to be a great help there. Wow. I don't even know."

She said she would let her children have a say in how they spend part of the money they are saving by not having to make a mortgage payment. Her children indicated that they would like to travel to Florida to visit a cousin stationed at an Air Force base family there.

"Florida would be nice," Rachel said.

Thank you to everyone who entered our contest. We have other contests you can enter by clicking here. Stay tuned for another exciting opportunity coming up soon.

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