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Crews demolishing abandoned state building on Charlotte Avenue


A state-owned building considered an eyesore is going away. The old state highways and public works building on Charlotte Avenue was sold to an unknown buyer last week, and crews have started tearing it down.

Residents in the area have been asking the state to do something for years, complaining about broken windows and overgrown grass and saying it sent the wrong message about their neighborhood.

"We looked at that, like, somebody's going to have to do something with that," said neighbor Cindy Sneed.

Metro Councilwoman Edith Langster shared with the Channel 4 I-Team two years ago her frustrations that the city's codes have no jurisdiction over state-owned property, so no one could do anything about it.

"It sends the message, if you're the big, bad state government, you can't be bothered," Langster said.

A state spokeswoman said vandals were to blame for the broken windows and boarded doors, and it would have cost too much for the state to refurbish the building.

Now, developers are planning a big, shiny office complex for the location as many properties along the Charlotte Avenue corridor see upgrades.

You may be wondering how much it has cost taxpayers to pay for property taxes at the dilapidated site, but the state doesn't have to pay property taxes.

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