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City of New Britain is using dogs to chase the geese away


City officials have hired a company to get rid of the geese at parks in New Britain. For the next year, at a cost of $50,000, dogs will be used in parks to scare the geese away.

The dogs are well-trained Border Collies from the company Geese Relief that herd the geese and then scare them, so they fly off. The Border Collies will spend all day swimming and chasing the geese.

"They'll never touch or harm them, but the geese don't know that," said Chris Santopietro, who trained the 10 Border Collies to scare the geese. "They use a wolf-like stare and the geese think it's a predator."

When Eyewitness News came to Stanley Quarter Park last month, there were lots of geese and even though people are told not to feed them, many do, which is why the geese like it in the parks and don't want to leave.

Geese Relief will go to all the parks in New Britain and the golf course to scare off the geese over the next year.

Santopietro, who owns Geese Relief, said Wednesday's activities was about maintenance and said the geese will never completely go away.

They hope the geese will fly off to open space, but they may very well relocate in some other town.

Geese are known to drop more than two pounds of poop per day.

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