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A Pot Roast Ragu and Pasta with Prudence

Free demo at D&D this Saturday at 12:00pm with Prudence

and on November 16th see her at Adong's Supermarket West Hartford


A Pot Roast Ragu Over Pasta with Prudence Sloane

Yield: 8 cups sauce
Serves 8-10 large portions

*Pre-heat the oven to 250 degrees. Will need an oven pot with cover (Le Creuset) and parchment paper


1 1/2 lb chuck shoulder roast (thick cut London broil), trimmed of outside fat
1 medium onion
3 carrots
3 celery sticks
6 cloves garlic
2 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil
1 cup dry red wine, preferably Chianti style
2 tablespoons soy sauce (this takes place of browning the meat)
1 6-oz jar (3/4 cup) of Sclafani sun dried cherry tomatoes in extra virgin olive oil, drained
2 6-inch sprigs rosemary
16 oz Pappardelle egg based pasta
4 tablespoons cold butter cut into quarters
1 cup coarsely grated Romano cheese


 Dice the onion, carrots, celery and garlic into a small dice or using a food processor pulse all the ingredients together until small, but not a mash. In an oven pot with cover add the olive oil carrot, celery and garlic. Cover and cook on very low heat for 15 minutes or until soft. Do not brown the vegetables. Add the wine, sun dried tomatoes, soy sauce and rosemary. Stir to combine and submerge the beef into the sauce. Cut out a piece of parchment paper (see demo) and oil the underside. Place the parchment directly on top of the beef. Cover and braise in the oven for about 3 hours or until the meat is so tender it will pull apart with a fork. Remove the meat and let cool to the touch. With a fork shred the meat, but not too fine. Skim any fat from the sauce and return the meat to the sauce. Taste for seasoning. Cook the Pappardelle according to package instructions. Drain, saving some of the pasta water. Toss the pasta with some of the sauce adding a little hot pasta water to help break it up. Then toss the hot pasta with the cold butter and season with salt to taste.  Divide the pasta into individual serving bowls and top with additional sauce and a sprinkle of Romano or Parmesan cheese. Serve immediately.
Do ahead - This dish can be made 1-2 days ahead and reheated. Cook the pasta right before serving. Also the meat sauce freezes well.

All the ingredients can be found at D&D Italian Market