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Seymour man sues town over wheelchair access


A man who uses a wheelchair has sued the town of Seymour over the condition of streets and sidewalks he says violate federal law guaranteeing equal access to public areas and buildings.

The New Haven Register reports that Joseph Luciano told the board of selectmen on Tuesday that potholes, broken pavement, dangerous curb cuts and what he called "sidewalks to nowhere" impede his mobility.

The 74-year-old Luciano lost the use of his left arm and leg following a stroke in 2005.

First Selectman Kurt Miller said the town's economic development director visited areas around Seymour with Luciano last year to identify problem spots.

Seymour unsuccessfully asked the state for a $500,000 grant to improve sidewalks and other downtown features. He says making improvements with little money will take time.

"We're trying to help where we can, but the town cannot afford hundreds of thousands of dollars to make all these improvements," Miller said. "We'll do these things when we can, and there needs to be some sort of understanding that it's just not possible to get it all done."

Luciano asked officials to live up to a higher standard than Seymour's motto, "Connecticut's Prettiest Little Town" on welcome signs and instead develop the most accessible downtown "to people of all abilities."

He criticized the town for ignoring a sidewalk that "ends in dirt," lacking a marked crosswalk for pedestrians and sidewalk obstructions such as merchandise and signs.

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