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Parents upset about location of bus stop in Avon


Parents in Avon said their children's walk along a busy road to get to their bus stop is unacceptable and someone is going to get hurt.

However, thanks to a report by Eyewitness News along with other news agencies, it appears that the bus location is going to be changed.

Ren Barton, 6, walked to her bus stop Thursday morning with her mom and neighbors. Her mom, Teresa Barton, told Eyewitness News it's not the walk that bothers her, but it's the passing cars on busy Burnham Road.

"I was very shocked," said Teresa Barton of Avon. "The bus company lady told us I'm not going to stop here anymore, so next time if you go on the bus you have to walk on the street."

The Bartons live on Foxcroft Run. Last year, there was a bus stop at the end of their road, and on neighboring Burnham Hollow Road.

It is just a 500 feet walk. The problem is there's no sidewalks, and parents say the cars move quick.

"We're not asking for the bus to come down the street and pick up the children at the end of their driveway," said Jenna Ryan of Avon. "We're just asking for two separate bus stops in what would appear to be an unsafe environment."

This year to consolidate and save time, the district moved all the kids to Burnham Hollow. The consolidation of stops has resulted in more than 90 complaints.

Eyewitness News went to the school board for answers. Assistant superintendent of finance John Spang said he was contacted by parents, and has been out to look at the stop himself twice. 

Eyewitness News asked Spang if all the traffic in the area makes it an appropriate road for 6-year-olds to walk on.

"It's hard to say just 6-year-olds," Spang said. "We do at times expect parents to bring their children to the bus stops, especially our youngest. But, for an elementary school bus stop, we think it's OK."

Spang said the reason the bus can't stop at both streets, is the short distance in between. He said the stopping and starting by the bus would confuse other drivers.

Parents told Eyewitness News, since many buses come down the road anyway, maybe a different bus could stop at each road.

"We are looking at some solutions, it won't take long," said Spang.

Parents said they hope it comes soon, before someone gets hurt.

"No child should be walking on that street," Teresa Barton said. "They should all be going on the bus safely, on the end of their street. I'm not talking at their house, but at the end of their street."

Late Thursday afternoon, Ryan said she heard from the bus company and thanks to our report, the families are getting the change they wanted. The bus stop would be reassigned to a different route, Ryan told Eyewitness News.

Eyewitness News called Dattco, but the station has not heard yet when this change will be made.

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