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Dog in Indiana awarded medal for completing half marathon

A dog in Indiana completed what some humans may be afraid to try.

Boogie the dog was awarded a medal Tuesday for completing a half marathon.

He met up with runners at the race starting line in Evansville on Saturday and just kept going.

When Boogie crossed the finished line, no one knew who he belonged to.

Police sent out an alert and many people began posting about him on Facebook.

It was only after his owner noticed he was missing and went looking for him at a local animal shelter, that he found out about Boogie's big accomplishment.

"I found out later that, you know, he was all over Facebook that he'd run the marathon," Boogie's owner Jerry Butts.

Butts said he cannot believe what his dog accomplished. 

"I have a hard time because that's keeping his attention for a long time," Butts said. "I think he stayed on the track the whole time."


Evansville police said Boogie is the world's first dog to complete a half marathon without assistance from a human.

Butts said he's going to be taking it easy for a while.

No word on if he'll run the race again next year.

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