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California firefighters deliver wedding cake

It's not the sort of rescue you'd expect from a firefighter, but in California a crew came through by delivering a wedding cake and flower after a local baker fell ill.

It's supposed to be the perfect day in every bride's life.

But just before Kimberly Sorsky was about to become Mrs. John Schaefer, there was a hiccup in their picturesque wedding.

"Well the flowers were a couple minutes late and then we saw a firetruck pull in," Sorsky said. "And we're like, what's going on? And why's the firetruck here?"

Three firefighters wearing pink T-shirts supporting breast cancer awareness month were carrying in flowers and the white wedding cake. 

"The firemen fulfilled their community duty I must say!"

The baker was on her way from the foothills to make the delivery when she started having blurred vision and chest pains.

On the way to the hospital, she insisted that the cake and flowers make it to the wedding.

"Right when we were transferring her over to the ambulance, she looked at me and asked if we could drive it to the wedding for us," Fire Captain Domlin Juul said.

Juul said he called his supervisor and agreed the team could help out.

"They couldn't get any employees down in time for another hour or would have missed the whole ceremony," Juul said.

The newlyweds even posed with the firefighters for a one of a kind photo op.

Baker, Laura Zabicki, from Sweet Dreams bakery said she's got a full week's worth of weddings she's working on. Since the incident, Zabicki said she's feeling just fine, so she's ready to take it all in. 

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