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Living Miracles features E. Hartford police officer's story


Eyewitness News will showcased the stories of three incredible patients of Hartford Hospital and the leading-edge treatment that saved their lives in a television special Thursday night.

The program Living Miracles featured the story of East Hartford police Officer Todd Lentocha, whose cruiser was hit from behind and left him with a crushed skull.

Dr. Inam Kureshi, Hartford Hospital's chief of neurosurgery, was at Hartford Hospital the night of the incident.

"When I looked at the injury he'd sustained, I became extremely fearful that the injury was so severe - even though he was awake and talking he may not survive this injury," Kureshi said. "The nature of his injury was that he had a crushed injury to his skull."

Kureshi went on to say that Lentocha's scalp had completely come off the bone and the bone was exposed.

Lentocha was rushed to the operating room, so doctors could repair his crushed skull.

"I know from experience, these kinds of injuries when they occur, lead to complications - swelling, bleeding, infection and other disasters down the line," Kureshi said. "It makes it very difficult to survive."

While trying to save Lentocha's life, Kureshi said they were also trying to preserve his brain function. Doctors decided to place Lentocha in a medically induced coma.

"At one point, we had a ventilator and he was on 100 percent oxygen just to get enough oxygen to his brain and his tissues," Kureshi said.

Lentocha spoke publicly for the first time during Living Miracles.

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