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Friday Night Football Q&Adrian with Dario Highsmith

Friday Night Football Q&Adrian with Dario Highsmith from Middletown Blue Dragons

Junior Quarterback Dario Highsmith talks about how the season is going and progression for Middletown Football. The Blue Dragons are on a 4-0 winning streak coming into week 5 and ranked fifth in the state in the coaches poll brought to you by The Day of New London, CT.


Q: In your opinion, how is your season going so far and what you need to improve on?

A I believe we are doing really well, we can always improve on stuff, as far executing we are doing good but we need to pick it up as the season goes on because the competition gets tougher and games get more important.


Q: How are you and your team preparing for your next game against Hartford Public on Friday October 11th?

A:Well basically we are preparing for them like any other team because there are another challenge but they are a really good team and we need to focus more than what we have been because there are a lot better than most of the teams we played this season and more aggressive.


Q: What is your identity for your team and the role you play for your teammates?

A: I'm not a captain but I really focus on picking up my team up and show them as being a junior I can be a leader as well, being a quarterback you have to be a leader and you can't put your head down and stuff like that so I'm trying keep the offense and defense up if things don't go our way.


Q: As far as playing offense and defense for your team, do you like playing on one side of the field more than the other?

A: At points it does get tiring but you have to know that you need to buckle down and you can't really feel sorry for yourself as the game goes you have to keep pushing through on and I don't know which one I like playing more probably offense because I have been playing it longer and it comes a little bit easier than defense since I'm still learning a lot about playing defense.


Q: In your opinion, what would you consider your biggest challenge this year?

A: Our biggest challenge as in a goal is to go undefeated this year and not lose any games and to not make any game close, and basically to play as a team and play our hardest.


Q: Have you started to think about college and are there any dream schools of yours?

A: I haven't started looking into college yet seriously, I guess any school that would want me to play for them.


Q: What are your thoughts on the mercy rule in high school football in Connecticut?

A: I think it's a good rule to the point that coaches can't keep their starters in the whole game and its unfair for kids that don't generally play and they get in with an opportunity to score and they can't take it because they are up by this many points and they are not starting once again so they might not get an opportunity in their high school career. To a point it's unfair but then again it's fair against coaches leaving in their starters and just putting up so many points and getting players as many stats as they can.


Q: What are your thoughts on college athletes being paid?

A: I think they should definitely be paid because in a sense they are working as well and they are putting all their time towards football and they don't have time to do anything else or work. It's also good for college athletes that don't have scholarships because they also have to pay for their tuition and they can't really work because they are spending so much time in their sport so it's tough for them.


Q: In your opinion, who is the best quarterback in the NFL today?

A: Best quarterback in the NFL today is definitely Peyton Manning.


Q: What do you like most about Connecticut, any favorite restaurants?

A: My favorite restaurant is On the Border in Wethersfield, I'm a big fan of Mexican food.


Q: Who is your favorite football team in the NFL?

A: Dallas Cowboys


Q: Who is your favorite player growing up and why?

A: My favorite football player growing up is RG3 (Robert Griffin III) because I been watching him since I was in seventh or eighth grade playing through college and he hurt his knee in college. I also hurt my knee and when he came back, that really gave me drive to come back from my injury and it gave me hope that I had a chance.


Q: Do you have any superstitions or pre-game rituals before heading on the field for a game?

A: Well during the day I can't split any poles, I guess that bad luck and I have no idea how it started and I wear this cap before and during every game for good luck and I also have this towel that has number six on it that my uncle gave to me.


Q: Do you play any other sports?

A: I enjoy playing Frisbee.


Q: If you won the lottery today, what would you do and how would you spend your money?

A: I probably buy a house, very big house, and put all my family in it and move somewhere far where we don't have to worrying about anything.


Q: Name one thing you can't live without?

A: Football.


By Adrian Satchell, Sports News Intern