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West Springfield police captain responds to allegations


A lawyer for a West Springfield police captain who's been on paid leave since January of 2012 is responding to a report and picture released by the city.

The report alleges Captain Daniel O'Brien abused a prisoner by tying her to a restraining chair and tying her mouth shut with packaging tape after an incident at the Big E Fair in 2011.

The department released a picture of the alleged incident on Friday.

O'Brien claims the woman was spitting and was being unruly, which forced him to restrain her in the way he did. 

West Springfield Police Chief Ronald Campurciani disputes O'Brien's claim.

Federal and State investigators looked into the incident, but charges were never filed against the 26-year veteran of the department. 

CBS 3 Springfield's Media Partner Masslive and the Republican uncovered the independent investigation lead by the city that alleges two other cases of prisoner abuse against O'Brien, as well as allegations of lying on official forms.

Cappuccino plans to make a formal recommendation to West Springfield Mayor Greg Neffinger about how O'Brien may be disciplined on Wednesday. Neffinger tells Masslive and the Republican he plans to hold a hearing on the matter by Friday.

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