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PD: Roosters seized from possible cockfighting ring


Police and state officials seized 120 chickens and roosters from a barn in Wolcott that investigators said were used in a cockfighting ring.

The chickens and roosters were part of a possible cockfighting ring and police said the animals "appeared to be raised, imported and used for fighting, for gambling purposes."

Cockfighting involves two roosters fighting each other to death while people place bets. The people behind these events usually pump these birds with steroids.

According to police, the owner of the farm, identified as Buck Kalinowski, rented out one barn to two men, who were paying $50 per month. He said he noticed something wasn't right with the birds and tipped off police.

Officials with the Department of Agriculture along with police took the chickens and roosters out of the barn Wednesday afternoon and placed them in cages.

"It's disheartening to think they get their enjoyment out of watching animals suffer," Kalinowski said. "It's kind of sad."

The chickens and roosters were brought to State of Connecticut Farm at York Correctional Facility where the animals will be tested for steroids and diseases, officials said. Police said some of the animals are "healthy" while others are not.

The two men who were renting the barn were not in the barn when police raided it Wednesday.

If anyone has any information about the two men or the possible cockfighting ring, call the Wolcott Police Department at 203-879-1414.

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