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Father taking care of children after crash kills mother


A crash took a pregnant mother from her three small children forcing a father to become a single parent overnight, and now the father wants to make sure everyone knows what kind of mother Melinda Hart was.

Hart and her unborn child were killed on Monday when their minivan and car collided. Her three children, Caleb, Collin and Casey were also injured. Dad Patrick Muscillo said Collin made him proud that afternoon when he took care of Casey after the crash.

"He unbuckled her and took her out of the car," he said. "Caleb managed to get himself unlocked and got out of the car and realized how bad he was injured and laid on the ground."

Muscillo shared custody of Collin and Casey with Melinda, and helped raise Casey, too. Now with his new reality, he's trying to be the best for the kids.

"If I can be just half the father of what she was then I'm on the right track," he said. "These kids were everything. No matter what. Whatever they wanted. She did what she could to take care of them."

Muscillo said Caleb is still hospitalized, but out of the ICU and anxious to come home. Each child reacting differently to the loss of their mother.

"I don't know what to say," Muscillo said. "I don't have answers I'm being asked questions to. I can't answer them myself right now. Two days ago we were discussing Halloween for the kids."

He said they're now trying to arrange for funerals and needs help.

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