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Friday Night Football Q&Adrian with Chris Young

Friday Night Football Q&Adrian with Chris Young from Rocky Hill High School

By Adrian Satchell, Sports News Intern

Rocky Hill Terrier's senior running back Chris Young shared his thoughts about the physicality of the NFL and how he is preparing his game for the next level on playing college football. The Terriers are now 4-1 approaching the midway mark of the season. Rocky Hill hopes to bounce back from a loss last week against Platt High School. Rocky Hill visits Weaver on Saturday, October 19th at 1:00 PM.


Q: How long have you been playing football and when did you realize your talent?

A: I've been playing since mighty mites, I want to say the age of six. I knew I was good when I started playing. I started playing as a lineman and I was very quick off the ball. Once I got to eighth grade I started to run track and my body caught up to me.


Q: How do you think your season is going so far?

A: It's not as good as I want it to be and people know who I am for that for the past two years. The defense is design to stop me, but we're getting the wins so if you stop me it gives other players the opportunity to open the deal. So it works for us.


Q: How are you and your team preparing to bounce back from the lost last week against Platt high school?

A: We're going to keep doing what we're doing. We had a bad game and they had a good game. That's not going to work, we can't have a bad game against a good team and expect to win. Practice this week was very serious and were hoping to show that on Saturday.


Q: What are some goals you and your team set for this season?

A: We want to get past the first round of the play-offs. It's like a curse here, we get to the play-offs and then we lose. Every time we been there, I want to say four times, but every time we lost by close margins. We're just hoping to get past the first round of play-offs and hopefully continue to the championship.


Q: What is your biggest challenge this year for you and your team?

A: I feel like our toughest game this year is going to be against Berlin. We haven't beat them in a long time and last year we came very close but came up short. This year were hoping to seal the deal, especially my senior class.


Q: What is your role for your team being a captain and all?

A: We have to keep everybody on the same page and want to make sure practice is serious but manageable. As a captain, I try to keep it 70/30, 70 percent serious and 30 percent fun or we not going to get anything done. We have do what we have to do and then worry about having fun doing it.


Q: Does leadership come easy for you?

A: Yeah I believe it come naturally, I'm not much of a vocal leader, but I like to lead by example.


Q: What are some things you are doing to prepare for playing at the next level?

A: I've been practicing a lot of spread offense by myself. In college, it is known for running a lot of spread offense. I don't get to show my abilities to run a spread offense, so hopefully in college I will be on the same level with everyone else.


Q: What does UConn have to do to overcome this losing streak?

A: I feel like they just need to play their game, I feel like they're just letting the fact that their losing get too heavy on their minds. It's too much pressure. I'll say for them is to just play their game and everything will come.


Q: What's your motivation before stepping on the field this season?

A: I've dedicated my season on our late athletic director Thomas McCabe who past away from cancer a couple years ago.


Q: What do you think about all the fines giving for illegal tackles and so forth, for recent example Defensive Tackle Ndamukong Suh, what do you think about his situation in the NFL?

A: They are turning it into a very soft game and I'm very upset about that. Football is a very physical game and then you turn it to a non-physical game it's just taking the fun out of it. It puts a lot of advantages and disadvantages to the opposite side of the ball. Me being a running back, I'm very physical and for someone to tell me that I can't be as physical is taking away from my game plan.


Q: In your opinion, who is the best running back in the NFL today?

A: It has to be Adrian Peterson, the dude is a tank. His average yards per contact is ridiculous. I like to see myself as a person that accepts contact that keeps going, you know, the person that shows strength and will that you want it oppose to the person that's trying to take you down.


Q: Would you compare your game to Adrian Peterson?

A: Yeah it would be Adrian Peterson, even though I'm not as fast as Adrian Peterson, but I'm determined as he is.


Q: What are some things you like doing off the field?

A: I like wrestling, wrestling is a fun sport. It gets you very tired, but I like it.


Q: Do you have any superstitions or pre-game rituals before your games?

A: Every home game me and my boys get a couple of us together and play two hand touch football to get a little pre-game warm up in.


Q: Who's your favorite player growing up and why?

A: Ray Lewis, the dude is so inspirational and I love listening to him. On away games, I will go on YouTube and look up some of his inspirational hype-up stuff.


Q: Who's your favorite team in the NFl?

A: Baltimore Ravens, I love the defense, their defense is very physical.


Q: Do you have any favorite spots in Connecticut, any favorite restaurants?

A: I'm not much of a Connecticut fan, I'm from Alabama. I prefer to be there and there isn't much to do around here. Once I graduate, I'm hoping to go to school down south.


Q: If today was your last day on Earth, how would you spend it?

A: I will spend it playing pro-football. I always see walk-ons go to training camps for rookies and I always want to experience something like that. Show what I got to the coaches and venture on to team. It seems like a great environment to be in. I want football to be what I do for a living.