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Dog rescued after 4 days in sewer

A dog in St. Louis was recovering at a shelter after being trapped in a sewer for days. The rescue comes after neighbors say its owner deserted the animal.

People in this section of North County off of Chambers had been hearing it for days.

Neighbors say a man moved away and deserted his two pit bulls.

"Since Saturday, One of the workers actually saw two dogs go into the hole and fell in," said Vivian Dudley, who lives nearby. "And one of them actually got right out, but the other one never came out."

So beneath a decaying parking lot in a series of storm drains, the dog stayed. When neighbors called for help, animal control officer came, but couldn't get him out.

"They said there's nothing we can do, we'll put a trap here," said neighbor Mary Greenwell. "And when we came back up and saw the trap we said, 'No, we're gonna have to do something.'"

Animal control officials say they left a trap and backed off. That rescue efforts were scaring the dog away, they also believed the dog could get in and out when it wanted to.

Neighbors say that's not the case.

"We've just been feeding him every day because we couldn't get him out," Dudley said.

Online pleas were finally answered by the organization Stray Rescue and some other volunteers.

First the got the dog to move closer to where they could reach him.

"We were finally able to get it around him and get him to come out far enough to give him the little sleepy drugs and that's about it," said Donna Lochmann with Stray Rescue.

And finally, after four days underground, officials with Stray Rescue said they got him.

"When he comes out and he's wagging his tail, he'll be fine. He's just scared," Lochmann said "We'll take him back to our shelter and put him in a room where he can chill out a little bit and give him a couple of days to just chill, and I think he'll be fine."

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