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Family designs shirts for ETX dad who lost battle with cancer

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An East Texas family is asking for help in order to bury their father, who recently lost his battle with cancer.

KLTV brought you his story last month when we found out his dying wish was to marry the love of his life. Terry French was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer and was determined to marry his girlfriend of 28 years.

With the help of viewer donations, the couple was able to pull it off. Terry spent three wonderful weeks with his wife, Dianne, before passing away.

Although she was marrying a man who was not expected to live much longer, she says it was perfect.

"It was pretty cool. The whole time we were looking at each other smiling saying, 'Finally! Why didn't we do this a long time ago?" It felt pretty good," said Dianne.

He spent every last minute of his life with his family.

"Sometimes I'd be like, 'Terry please let's just have one evening of quite.' Then he'd say, 'No I want the kids over here.' I'd be like, 'Okay if that's what he wants,'" said Dianne.

During that time, Dianne became sick and was rushed to the ICU with pneumonia and strep in her blood, missing all of Terry's funeral services.

"I don't even know where he is buried. I've not even been there," said Dianne. "They say everything happens for a reason and I really don't know why. The kids have been getting on with their closure and I haven't even started."
Dianne is recovering but is unable to work, so her daughter designed t-shirts to help pay for Terry's funeral costs.

"As soon as I realized I was going to be able to design a shirt to represent him and help raise money for him, I thought he has to be incorporated in some way," said April Servine, Terry's daughter. "Putting cancer sucks on the shirt was his sense of humor."

Through this tragic time, they say the support has been overwhelming.

"Through all of this, every bit of it, the people of East Texas have had the biggest hearts of anybody I've ever seen," said Dianne.

To buy a shirt in support of the French Family, click here.

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