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Family charged for three year water bill

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) -

A local family is being charged for three years of water service, even though they say they've been paying their bill.

Jennifer Thornberg is being asked to pay more than $2,000 to the Toledo Department of Water. She received a bill in July back logging her use to April of 2010.

She called the water department, and they sent someone to her house who changed the water meter, saying the one inside and outside were not matching up, and that she would receive a corrected a bill.

A few weeks later, she received a bill charging her $2012.04 dating back to 2010, but Thornberg says she has been making regular payments for the last three years.

"We had a bill. We had actual readings, we had estimates, we had it all, we paid our bill. Why are they, how can they go back three years? That's just not fair, and it's not right," said Thornberg.

Thornberg questions why the department thinks the meter was broken for that long, if there was nothing abnormal about their bills until this year.

She says she's been trying to get the bill corrected since July, but says the city has not been helpful, simply offering her a payment plan which includes a 300 down payment.

A city spokesperson says a payment plan has been offered, and tells us that customers are responsible for checking their meters and their bill, to make sure they match up.

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