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Parents concerned about cars passing buses in Ansonia


In Ansonia, there are concerns over cars zipping by school buses, stopped to pick up kids. Some people told Eyewitness News it's becoming dangerous and something needs to be done.

Waiting with her two little girls for the bus to stop and pick them up, Crystal Cheesborough of Ansonia said sometimes those on coming cars don't stop.

"The little stop sign will come out, then the long stick in the front will go out and the cars still go through," Cheesborough said. "This is a dangerous stop."

This stop at the corner of Wakelee avenue and Jackson Street has become such a problem that Joan Radin, who owns Lear Pharmacy and is on Ansonia's Board of Aldermen, recently brought up the issue to Ansonia Police Chief Kevin Hale.

Radin said the tipping point was a near miss the other afternoon in front of her store.

"A car, he must have been going through the light, either on his phone or texting or something," Radin said. "He went right by the red light, the red stop sign on the bus. The bus driver was absolutely shocked, but she says it happens a lot."

It's a problem all over Connecticut. According to the state, from 2007 to 2011, more than 3100 people were cited for blowing past a stopped school bus.

Right now, if you get busted, you'll get a ticket for 465 dollars.

Ansonia has put officers in high traffic areas. However, police said drivers are not stopping for school bus stop sign all over the city.

Hale and the superintendent are looking into the possibility of outfitting the buses with cameras, so they can catch the lawbreakers in action.

There are a number of cities and towns in Connecticut looking into the technology. In fact, more than a dozen are already on board. Last year, city officials in Torrington signed up to test out some camera equipped buses.

Radin said she thinks that might be the only way to get people to stop.

"I just hope they can do something about it," Radin said. "Children need to be protected and this is the only right way I can see that they can do it. I hope they can."

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