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Medical marijuana grower and cupcake maker eye partnership


Medical marijuana could be found shortly in sweet treats if a growing facility in Middletown is approved by state officials.

Middletown approved a growing facility at the old factory on Johnson Street. The license for Greenbelt Management, which is the company that bought the building, still needs to be approved.

Greenbelt Management is considering a partnership with a popular cupcake bakery, NORA.

"When anyone approaches you saying 'I've had your cupcakes and they're so great and we would like to incorporate you into our plan,' whatever that is whether a coffee house, a restaurant, or a caterer or Greenbelt Management, it's all good to me," said Carrie Carella, who is the managing partner/owner of NoRA Cupcake Company.. "We are doing something right and that makes me feel good." 

NORA's extensive cupcake menu boasts everything from Irish car bombs, to s'mores, to rocky road flavors. If this collaboration comes together, it'll get into a different sort of baking business.

"Whatever we make would have to last a little longer than the shelf life of a cupcake," Carella said.

The department of consumer protection would still have to sign off on the process and everyone involved would have to follow strict guidelines.

"We would have to be and employees of there's," Carella said. "And we would do a background check to get a license, and work out of their facility so there wouldn't be medical marijuana in NORA."

The pot-laced treats would have to be produced and packaged at the facility owned by Greenbelt Management and then taken to "licensed dispensaries," where patients could get them.