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Harp wins race for New Haven mayor; Stewart wins New Britain mayor race

Toni Harp prepares to speak after winning the race for the New Haven mayor. Toni Harp prepares to speak after winning the race for the New Haven mayor.
Erin Stewart celebrates her victory with her father, Tim Stewart. Erin Stewart celebrates her victory with her father, Tim Stewart.

Unofficial results show Democrat Toni Harp has won the race for New Haven mayor Tuesday night.

After 20 years as the mayor of New Haven, John DeStefano announced last year that he was not seeking re-election.

Harp, who won the primary, received 55 percent of the votes and defeated challenger Justin Elicker, who is also a Democrat. Harp, who gave her state senate career, becomes the 50th mayor of New Haven.

Harp received support from big political leaders including Rep. Rosa L. DeLauro and Gov. Dannel P. Malloy.

"Toni Harp has been fighting for New Haven all of her adult life, so it's with great pleasure that I congratulate my friend and colleague on her victory tonight. Mayor-Elect Harp has a proven record of standing up for Connecticut's working families, and I look forward to partnering with her administration to continue to move Connecticut's economy forward," Malloy said in a statement.

DeStefano in a statement said he was "excited" by Harp taking over as the "new leadership" in the Elm City.

"I look forward to the new administration's commitment to serve the hopes and dreams of the people of our wonderful City. I will be glad to assist in any way I can," DeStefano said.

Elicker, who is city alderman, was able to get nearly half of the votes. He lost the primary but ran in the election as a petitioning candidate.

Stewart wins New Britain mayor race

Another one of the biggest races was in New Britain, where Democratic Mayor Tim O'Brien, who was running for his second term, was defeated by Republican Erin Stewart. She won the race by more than 1,000 votes.

"I think a lot of people don't participate in the process because they feel that young people don't have a voice. I want them to know you are heard," Erin Stewart said. "You are heard loud and clear. So get out there and do something in your communities because we're doing it in New Britain."

Stewart's father, Tim Stewart, ran against O'Brien in 2011.

"It's awesome to know that the tradition of Stewart leadership here in the community will continue for several years," said Tim Stewart. 

Erin Stewart will be the second female mayor in the history of New Britain. The first New Britain female mayor was Linda Blogoslawski.

Erin Stewart said she wants to focus on education system and wants to work more closely with superintendent to bridge gaps. She added that she wants to bring in more businesses by lowering taxes.

In other races, David Martin won the mayoral race in Stamford by defeating Former Lt. Gov Michael Fedele (R).

Torrington elected Republican Elinor C. Carbone as mayor.

Ken Cockayne is the new mayor of Bristol after Art Ward did not run for reelection.

Joseph Maturo Jr. remains mayor in East Haven as he was elected to his seventh term, though they are not successive terms.

Former mayor John Picard has conceeded the race for the West Haven mayor to Democrat Edward M. O'Brien.

Manny Santos became the new mayor of Meriden by defeating incumbment Mike Rohde after he had served two and a half terms.

As the election results come in, the following races will be updated:


  • Ken Cockayne (R): 5,239
  • Christopher Wilson (D):5,635


  • Mark D. Boughton (R):
  • Paul McAllister (D):
  • Mark D. Boughton (I):


  • Jack W. Jacobs (R):
  • Marcia A. Leclerc (D):


  • Joseph Maturo, Jr. (R): 3,938
  • John 'Jack' Stacey, Jr. (D): 3,447
  • Adam Christoferson (Trolley):157
  • Oni Sioson (Petitioning):32


  • Manny Santos (R):
  • Michael S. Rhode (D):
  • Manny Santos (We The People):


  • Erin Stewart (R):
  • Tim O'Brien (D):
  • Tim O'Brien (Working Families Party):


  • Toni N. Harp (D):
  • Justin M. Elicker (Petitioning):

Rocky Hill:

  • Tim Moriarty (D): 1,788
  • Henry Vasel (R): 2,088


  • Michael C. Fedele (R):
  • David Martin (D):
  • Michael C. Fedele (I):
  • John J. Zito, Jr. (Petitioning)
  • Kathleen Murphy (Petitioning):


  • Elinor C. Carbone (R):4,527
  • George Craig (D):1,744
  • Giulio Romano (Petitioning):116


  • Jason Van Stone (R):2,264
  • Neil M. O'Leary (D):7,586
  • Lawrence V. De Pillo (Independent):1,668


  • Bart Chadderton (R):
  • Edward M. O'Brien (D):

Voter turnout through the state was low when the polls closed at 8 p.m., according to state officials. Unofficial numbers stated voter turnout was at about 30 percent; however, those numbers could be lowered when ballots are officially counted.

For the first time ever, people could register to vote right at the polls. Anyone who was 18 years old with proper identification could sign up in their city or town on Tuesday.

For more election information from Secretary of the State Denise Merrill, click here.

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