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City officials hope voters approve project to repair roads in Middletown


Middletown voters will decide Tuesday if a multimillion dollar road project, which will repair and repave dozens of roads in the city while making some more dangerous safer, is approved.

The $15 million bonding project to fix more than 100 roads and 25 miles of pavement was one of the referendum questions for Middletown voters Tuesday.

"It's aggressive," said Bill Russo, who is the public works director for Middletown. "But it gets us things like sidewalk, tree removal, its gets us lighting, drainage, so all the necessary things."

Russo said part of the project includes rubber chip sealing some secondary roads, which will get the town more bang for its buck.

"We can do 39 roads for a million dollars," Russo said. "We're just looking to stretch our money and in terms of that, those 39 roads would probably cost us $10 million to reconstruct."

In addition to repaving and reconstructing the roads, another part of the project includes new sidewalks.

There are no sidewalks on Saybrook Road, which is a busy stretch of a road in Middletown. Eyewitness News has learned if the referendum passes, Saybrook Road will be one of the first streets to get new sidewalks.

"Those areas there, you see a lot of walking and even at night," Russo said, pointing to Saybrook Road. "So the goal is to keep them off the road and on the sidewalk."

Middletown police Officer Peter Botsacos was driving on a motorcycle on Sept. 26 when he hit a Donald E. Wilson, 56.

Police said Wilson walked out into the middle of Saybrook Road. Both suffered non-life-threatening injuries.

In December 2012, 15-year-old Cailyn Bassett was on Saybrook Road when she was hit and killed walking to a friend's house.

While some might balk at the $15 million price tag, city officials said they hope it will make for a smoother drive and a safer walk in Middletown.

"I vote for anything that has to do with improvements for the community and the city," said Robert D'Andrea, of Middletown.

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