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Painted box in front of Meriden fire station confuses many


If you're driving on Broad Street in Meriden, you'll likely notice a big, white box painted on the roadway, or will you?

The newly-painted area is causing some confusion for drivers and frustration for the fire department that wanted it painted there.

A big sign reads, "Do Not Block," along the busy road near the big box painted with a big "X" to make it easy for fire trucks coming in and out of the station.

But many people have no clue it's there.

"They need to put up a sign," one unidentified man said.

"There is a sign," Channel 3 Eyewitness News' Courtney Zieller responded.

"Well, I don't see a sign," he said.

So Zieller pointed it out to him.

"I do see the sign," he said. "But the truck is blocking the sign. People aren't going to see it."

Many said that's the whole problem. Eyewitness News cameras caught a school bus stopping right in the middle of it along with car after car.

"They have to do something because it's like non-existent," Jim Lewis said. "They don't pay attention to it. It's the truth."

With a red light just feet away from the fire station, fire officials said traffic blocks the area quite frequently, making it difficult for fire trucks to get in and out. And when you're going out to fight a fire, seconds count.

The box was painted three weeks ago, and already people are suggesting to make the sign more visible.

There are some drivers who seem to understand that you're supposed to wait behind the white line, and fire officials said they just want drivers to pay attention that the box is there.

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