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New Britain Parking Authority accused of breaking rules


It's probably happened to you – you put money in a parking meter then spend a little too much time at your favorite spot, resulting in a ticket attached to your windshield.

That disappoints most drivers, but others contacted Channel 3 Eyewitness News and said that the New Britain meter maids aren't following the parking laws themselves.

The streets of New Britain are filled with meters, and with people tossing in coins, but for some unlucky drivers, they can count on many of those meters turning red at some point.

"As soon as your time is up, they're going to hit you with a ticket," Greg Cook said.

He admits that he has received his fair share of parking tickets while conducting business downtown, but said he saw something about those people handing out the tickets.

"The parking authority, the people that are actually paid to make sure people are doing the right thing, aren't doing the right thing," Cook said.

That's because he noticed the parking authority parked on sidewalks and places they shouldn't be.

"My reaction at first was like, ‘holy cow,'" he said. "You know, if that was you or I, we would be ticketed or towed, and we would be impounded and then we would have to pay for all that.

Cook said he has even seen the cars parked in handicapped spots.

"It bothers me because my mother has Parkinson's disease, and a good friend of ours is confined to a wheelchair," Cook said. "There are people who need these spots, and for municipal employees to park there and not doing their job and taking that up is very disheartening."

The Channel 3 Eyewitness News I-Team didn't catch the parking authority there, but did see a driver blow through a red light and turn left onto a road. The I-Team also found them double-parked with flashers on, slowing down traffic while writing a ticket from inside the car.

The I-Team also saw two parking authority cars sitting in a no parking zone. Both were parked for more than 15 minutes.

Eyewitness News revisited the same area later in the week and once again, a parking authority vehicle was parking where it should not be.

Eyewitness News asked them why they were parked in the area.

"I had to run in to bring the deposit. I parked to bring in the money," the unidentified person said.

When asked if they would ticket someone for parking in that area, they had "no comment."

Parking in a restricted area and double parking will cost a person $20, and it's $99 if they're parked in a handicapped spot.

Those fines triple if you don't pay the ticket in seven days.

The I-Team tried to get answers from the parking authority but was sent to the mayor's office.

The deputy chief of staff and communications only sent a statement that read, "Our employees have been instructed not to park in that area anymore."

Cook said he just wants them to follow the law.

"I think the town shouldn't be above the board," he said. "I think they should follow the same rules as everyone else."

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