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Drivers: Stop taking 'selfies' while driving


The state Department of Motor Vehicles has issued a stern warning to drivers who take "selfies" while driving: stop doing it.

The practice of taking a selfie, a photo taken of themselves, is a new trend in the way people are using their cell phones and tablets.

"This is an extremely dangerous behavior and should never happen," DMV Commissioner Melody A. Currey said in a statement. "For the few seconds it takes to snap a photo, it could be the last photo they take of themselves or friends if a crash happens."

The popular photo-sharing app called Instagram has more than 3,700 posts under the #DrivingSelfie hashtag, more than 1,800 for the plural #DrivingSelfies and more than 9,700 for #DrivingToWork. Some of them are even using the #ihopeidontcrash hashtag, according to CNN.

"Distracted driving is dangerous in any form and taking pictures of yourself behind the wheel while driving invites the kinds of crashes we are trying to prevent with our laws, especially those aimed at teens," Dr. C. Steven Wolf, chairman of Emergency Medicine at Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center in Hartford, said in a statement.

People of all ages like to post selfies on social media accounts, but it's distracting to not only the driver taking the photo, but to those around them as well.

It's against the laws for 16 and 17 year old drivers to use any electronic device while driving  and if caught, they could be fined and lose their license.

Officials said that although it may seem like fun, the practice of taking a selfie while driving needs to stop.

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