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La Vergne ends lunchtime separation based on grades

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Leaders at La Vergne High School are changing course on a controversial lunch policy Channel 4 first told you about.

Under-performing students are no longer separated from their classmates, but the change comes with a new warning.

"At first, I was really mad about it, because I had friends sitting on the other side. Lunch is really the only time we get to socialize with our friends," said student Cherilynn Mella.

It all stemmed from a learning lab intervention that started Oct. 26 after first quarter grades. Those students who received an 80 or below in any class had to go to the auditorium for 22 minutes to complete any unfinished assignments, and then got 25 minutes to eat lunch. The students had to request, or a teacher could mandate, they receive a pass to go get extra help.

In a statement, district spokesman James Evans said:

"The purpose of the intervention time is not to make students feel like they are being labeled or punished; it is meant to give them extra time and assistance for their school work."

Now, students are happy, to say the least.

"Even though people do go to the learning lab, they are able to come back and see their friends and get that relief," said student Steven Gavel.

Students say an assistant principal told students during a morning announcement that teachers would take away phone privileges if they continued to record videos or take photos and send them to the media. There is a district policy which states cell phones and other electronic devices may only be used for academic purposes.

"Everyone enjoys the privileges, but they don't understand they could be taken away, so they do little things to make the principals mad about it," Mella said.

Students say morale is a lot better around La Vergne High School now that the separated lunches are a thing of the past.

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