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Manchester school officials say there will be punishment for bullying


A crackdown on cyber bullying at Manchester High School after a tasteless act by teenage boys.

"It is not right that people do this kind of stuff," said Manchester High School senior Melanie Bertram. "It does actually hurt people."

An online list naming several female students and graphic information about them turned up on social media.

"One of my friends was telling me about how her name ended up on this list and she was crying," Bertram said. 

After rumors spread about the list and the high school principal, Matt Geary, quickly took action. Geary sent a letter enforcing there will be zero tolerance when it comes to bullying.

"There will be stiff consequences, up to recommended expulsion, for those students who initiated or distributed these lists." Geary wrote.

Geary continued in the letter "if the actions taken by a person create a hostile environment at school for another person, that action can be considered bullying, regardless of where it occurs or was initiated."

Parents told Eyewitness News that the school officials know which students made up the list.

"It wasn't like this when I was growing up," said parent Lisa Bertram. "It's just an unsafe world."

Eyewitness News reached out to the school for further comment, but haven't heard back from the officials Wednesday.

The full letter can be read on the student newspaper website by clicking here.

To read the full school policy, click here.

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