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People line up early to buy new PlayStation 4


Christmas is coming early for gamers. The highly anticipated release of the PlayStation 4 is coming out at midnight on Friday.

Lines started forming outside local electronics stores as early as 9 a.m.

Aaron Parker crossed the state line from Springfield, MA, to be the first in line to get his hands on the PlayStation 4.

"My oldest son told me the other day it was the one thing he wanted for Christmas, so I had to make sure I was out here to get him one," said Parker, who was the first in line at the Best Buy in Enfield.

Parker and millions of others have been waiting for seven years for this slanted, shiny, black box from Sony, and his son will need to wait until Christmas to play it. 

"Gotta make sure I get it. If you don't get it today, you probably won't get it for awhile," Parker said.

Sony halted online preorders because they couldn't keep up with demand, so while they're rushing to make more, the hype is building.

"You preorder it, which I didn't do, or you camp out," Parker said.

Experts said Sony took the good from the PS3 and improved it by adding newer technology, newer software and newer games.

Sony promises it'll be visually stunning and allow users to have the most interactive experience of any console. Gamers can link to social media and play with their friends. An upgrade will allow users to stream music and videos. 

Best Buy was tight-lipped about how many PS4 units they have. A new Xbox is coming out in a few days, and a similar scene is expected to occur again. 

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