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WFSB tracks down the state's biggest tax offenders


The top 50 delinquents owe the state millions of dollars and Friday is the deadline to pay up for a lesser penalty.

With 24 hours to go, Eyewitness News went chasing after some of these people. 

If you pay your outstanding taxes by Friday, you won't be prosecuted and 75% of the interest you accumulated will be waived.

Eyewitness News wanted to know who Connecticut's worst offenders were and visited one of the top offenders.

Douglas Cartelli of Killingworth owes more than $309,000 to the state. When Eyewitness News pulled up to his sprawling home, the station were met with a literal road block.

Eyewitness News was told it was "private property" and the woman blocking off the driveway said she "don't know anything."

Cartelli is currently at a federal prison in New Jersey. He was sent there earlier this year after officials say he cheated the Internal Revenue Service out of more than $3 million.

Eyewitness News went to houses in Old Saybrook and Hartford but they either avoided the station or weren't there.

Eyewitness News then went to East Hartford to look for a man who owes more than $100,000, but his neighbor hadn't seen him for months. Eyewitness News did manage to track down one person, who is further down this list. She agreed to talk as long as we didn't reveal her identity.

"Unfortunately during the recession, the industry that my husband was in, his whole industry fell apart and he has not brought in any income in 7 years, and has definitely put us in a very bad financial situation," she said.

The woman told Eyewitness News she can't even pay a little bit because of a catch-22 in the program.

"Typically anyone in a payment plan is excluded from the amnesty program so therefore I would lose out on the benefits of the discounted penalties and interest," she said.

The woman told Eyewitness News she's working several jobs to pay the money back but in the meantime is forced to live with the public shaming.

"Very embarrassing and humiliating and I can only hope that not too many people are looking at that website," she said.

To learn more about the amnesty program, click here.

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