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Bandage of the future invented in Arizona

Procellera, a next-generation bandage. (Source: CBS 5 News) Procellera, a next-generation bandage. (Source: CBS 5 News)
(Source: CBS 5 News) (Source: CBS 5 News)

In just a few years the company's product could be standard-issue gear for every member of the U.S. military.

A Chandler medical company is breaking new ground in healing people quicker.

"Is this the next generation of battlefield wound dressing?" asks Vomaris CEO Michael Nagel.

His company invented Procellera, a next-generation bandage that could ultimately replace your everyday Band-Aid.

Procellera is a woven polyester sheet infused with 200 biocompatible micro-cell batteries per square inch.

"If we put the volt meter on a silver and a zinc, you can see we get almost one volt," says Nagel while showing off how Procellera works. "We provide a microcurrent stimulating technology to the wound which helps it heal."

It works by utilizing the microcurrents to help healthy cells duplicate and regenerate. Additionally, those microcurrents keep bacteria from being able to infect an open wound.

The Army put up a million dollar research grant to bring Procellera to the Army Ranger training base in Fort Benning, GA. Eighty Rangers will be part of a study to see if Procellera works better than the Army's current treatments for cuts, scrapes, bruises and blisters.

Those small wounds sideline more soldiers than, for example, improved explosive devices and gunshots.

Research has shown that the Procellera treatment method heals injuries 45 percent faster than typical treatments.

Vomaris has its manufacturing center in Tucson. Nagel says the company plans on expanding into Tempe in the near future.

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