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Southbury homeowners fight back against proposed cell tower


Some Southbury residents said they are outraged over a proposed cell tower that may one day be looming over their homes.

Officials have proposed building a 170-foot cell tower on Perkins Road. Neighbors told Eyewitness News they were blindsided by a letter from AT&T letting them know they planned to put a tower right in the middle of their neighborhood.

"It was pretty heartbreaking ... it really was," said Holly Sanady.
Eyewitness News talked to three homeowners who worry the tower could have a long-term impact on their families. These moms said their primary concern is their family's health.

"It's just not a risk I'm going to take with my son," said Allison McGahren.

The jury is still out the potential health risks of living under a cell tower. However, these women said they've looked at the facts and are convinced.

"There's been numerous studies done," said Allison Washington. "And scientists out there that will say yes, there are serious health threats that are posed, especially in children."

They said they are also worried about what a cell tower roughly the size of a 15-story apartment building might do to their property values.
"This is a very hard-working, middle-class neighborhood, and most people here, they pour their life savings into their homes," McGahren said.

Outraged neighbors teamed up to get word out. They started circulating a petition and created a website to make their case against the tower. 

"The quality of life that all of us will be sacrificing, just so one family can make a profit, it's just unacceptable," Sanady said.

Eyewitness News went to talk to the homeowners who are allowing AT&T to build the tower on their property.

When Eyewitness News knocked on the door of Suzann and Duncan Sellars, no one was home. But when the Eyewitness News crew left, they passed Suzann Sellers in the driveway and she said she and her husband aren't doing anything illegal.

First Selectman of Southbury Ed Edelson said the town's working with AT&T in hopes to find a solution that works for everyone.

"We obviously have a lot of different interests between the various parties," Edelson said. "So whether we'll actually be able to come up with something, it's too soon to say, but the good news is everybody's talking."

AT&T released a statement that said they are "working to provide needed reliable cell coverage for our customers in Southbury, and we will continue to work with local and state stakeholders as we move forward toward that goal."

The Connecticut Siting Council will have the final say on whether the tower is built.

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