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Veterinarian: Pot is toxic to canines

A veterinarian in Portland is warning about the unintended victims of the city pot ordinance passed at the beginning of the month.

Dr. Bennett Wilson said he's seeing more and more family pets getting sick after getting a hold of marijuana left inside a home, or ingesting a joint that's been thrown away outside.

Wilson said he expects to see these cases spike even more once the ordinance takes effect at the beginning of December.

Wilson said marijuana is toxic to animals and the effects range from lethargy, staggering, and agitation, to severe illness, liver and brain damage, and even death.

"There's definitely a trend with marijuana, with other drugs to make it more cost effective, i.e., to make it stronger," Wilson said. "We're going to start to see more serious intoxications and more deaths associated with it."

Wilson said the good news is that if the pet is diagnosed early - and treated properly - they will most likely recover in a day or two.

He reminds owners that giving your pet marijuana is considered animal abuse and you could face a fine or even jail time.

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