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Victims of New London home invasion speak out


Two men were charged with breaking into homes in the New London area and threatening people with a stun gun, with one of their victims being a 91-year-old man.

Jaden Alvarez, 20, of New London, and Marcus Delgado, 19, of Groton, were accused of barging into four homes and a business.

During two of those incidents, people were inside the homes.

Eyewitness News has learned that Alvarez and Delgado knew everyone that they were targeting, including 91-year-old Jack Egan.

"I say if I didn't have a heart attack that day," Egan said. "I'll never have one, never ever."

Egan said he was more relaxed sitting inside of his home on Pacific Street. He was threatened by two masked men, who were later identified as Alvarez and Delgado, with a stun gun last week.

"He grabs me by the neck like this, and he turns my head and he's got this like, stun gun or whatever it was," Egan said. "And he's got my head bent and he's got the gun right on my neck here."

Egan said he was not seriously injured. According to police, Alvarez and Delgado grabbed money and other valuables before fleeing the scene.

Police determined that Alvarez and Delgado used to live next door to Egan. Investigators determined a few weeks before they had broke into the home of Alvarez's adoptive mother, who lives next door to Egan, while she was at church.

Alvarez and Delgado hit Alvarez's mother's best friend's house. They also stole from a closed down ice cream shop where Alvarez used to work, police said.

Al Alcalaesparze owned that shop and said Delgado tried to rob him in his house too.

"He started clicking his stun gun," Alcalaesparze said. "And he said, 'I came to pay you a visit from somebody you know.'"

Police said Alvarez was waiting downstairs. However, Delgado got nervous and ran out before the pair could take anything. Alcalaesparze said he was pretty shaken up about the incident.

"I was checking all the doors and windows," Alcalaesparze said. "[I was] walking with a knife, pepper spray."

Police arrested Alvarez first, then Delgado at Regal Cinemas in Waterford while he was watching a movie.

Egan said he thanked the police, but those suspects gave him a scare he won't forget soon.

"The house is like Fort Knox, every time I turn around I'm locking a window, locking a door," Egan said.

Alvarez and Delgado appeared in New London Superior Court on Monday. Following their court appearances, bond for Delgado was set at $750,000 on Monday and $1 million for Alvarez because of those additional weapons charges.

Alvarez was trying to get into the Connecticut National Guard and was waiting to go to basic training. Eyewitness News has learned his recruitment process is now being discontinued because of this case.

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