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Extent of officer's injuries more apparent as firefighter laid to rest


The extent of a Kansas City police officer's injuries from a fight with an off-duty firefighter became more apparent Friday.

Officer Donald Hubbard has been released from the hospital but still needs facial reconstruction surgery. A photo obtained Friday by KCTV5 shows Hubbard in his hospital bed with serious facial injuries suffered in the fight with Anthony Bruno.

Hundreds attended a memorial service for Bruno Friday afternoon at St. Therese Catholic Church off Highway 9. The parking lot was filled with vehicles.

Bruno was shot twice in the chest by Hubbard and would die from his injuries earlier this week. Hubbard had seen Bruno attacking a taxi driver who had a dispute with Bruno and his bride over a fare.

Bruno had been celebrating his wedding with a reception. He was on his way from the reception site to a downtown hotel.

Bruno, 26, was shot about 2:30 a.m. Sunday in the chest, and Hubbard, 42, was seriously injured during the altercation, authorities say. Police say Bruno pinned Hubbard to the ground and was repeatedly punching him in the face, leaving Hubbard no choice but to fire his service revolver.

A police report released Monday afternoon says that a City Cab driver picked up Bruno, Steele and Bruno's cousin at Anthony's restaurant in downtown Kansas City. The 55-year-old driver took the three to the Marriott Muehlebach Hotel, and the fare was about $6. The hotel is near 12th Street and Wyandotte Avenue.

As Bruno and his new wife prepared to exit the cab, they asked the cab driver about taking Bruno's "very intoxicated" cousin to his Northland home, according to the police report.

The cab driver kept the meter running during the conversation, which apparently enraged Bruno, who punched the cab driver in the head, police say.

"The victim leaned forward to avoid any additional punches, but the suspect also leaned forward from his position and continued striking him in the face with a closed right fist," the report states. "The victim stated that he attempted to exit the vehicle at this time when the suspect opened the driver side sliding door of the vehicle and continued to physically assault him. The victim stated that he was punched in the right side of the torso, neck and face by the suspect."

As this was occurred, Hubbard, who was in uniform and working security at the hotel, ran to the scene. As Bruno fled the scene, Hubbard gave chase, according to the police report.

While this was unfolding, Steele, who was reportedly still in her wedding dress, told officers that she and her husband argued with the cab driver over him continuing to run the meter.

"She said during the argument, she stated that the cab driver threw the money she had given him back toward her near her face and called her an unknown name," the report says. She said this verbal dispute caused her husband to punch the cab driver.

The cab driver suffered bruising to his face, including his nose area. His face and clothing were bloody, an officer said.

The chase between Hubbard and Bruno ended in the 1300 block of Baltimore Avenue.

While Hubbard's family did not provide the photo of him in the hospital to KCTV5, they did not object to its usage.

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