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Bristol vows strict code enforcement after threat

Robert D'Aprile Robert D'Aprile

Bristol officials say they are not deterred in enforcing the property code after a landlord was arrested on charges of threatening to blow up City Hall in a dispute over unmowed grass.

The Bristol Press reports that police say Robert D'Aprile was arrested at his Stamford home and charged with threatening and breach of peace.

"How would you like if I put a nondescript bomb in City Hall and blew it up?" D'Aprile told Richard Lacey, a city attorney, in a phone conversation, according to the arrest warrant.

D'Aprile's lawyer says his client was frustrated and had no intention of hurting anyone. He also said D'Aprile tried to phone back and apologize.

Police searched City Hall for suspicious packages and none were found. Police also searched D'Aprile's Stamford home and found nothing out of the ordinary.

Chief Building Official Guy Morin said Bristol will not back down in enforcing anti-blight laws.

"We have zero tolerance for lack of property maintenance," he said.

The dispute was tied to a $1,600 bill from the city to D'Aprile for cutting the grass and removing debris following a complaint in September. City officials say the landlord failed to act despite a notice tacked on the house and a letter sent by the city.

With the grass 6 feet high, the property "looked like a hayfield," Morin said.

D'Aprile was arraigned Tuesday. Bond was set at $40,000 and he was ordered to stay away from City Hall. He's due back in court on Jan. 7.

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