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Friday Night Football Q&Adrian with Stephen Barmore from Southington High School

Yale bound senior quarterback Stephen Barmore has led his team to the Class LL state championship. Barmore was in charge of the offense by rolling through a very good Norwich Free Academy football team 52-14 in the quarter finals and shutting out Ridgefield in the semifinal game 45-0. Barmore and the Blue Devils will be taking their last test of the season against Fairfield Prep on Saturday Dec, 14th. I got a chance to catch up with Stephen and he shared his thoughts on Saturday's game plan.


With a very impressive win against Ridgefield in the semi finals, how does it feel to be in the running for the Class LL state title?

Stephen Barmore: It's a great feeling to show that hard work is paying off for the most part and to be able to be on that stage with my team. It's going to be a great feeling.


What's the difference between this year and last year team? Last year, your team came short with losing early in the quarter-finals.

SB:I think last year's team we were more satisfied with having a playoff berth because it hadn't happen in such a long time. We were underestimated from the start of the season, so I feel like we got satisfied to making the playoff, but that was not the case this year. We had our eyes on a state championship. The first game we wanted to finish what we started.


What are going to be the key points to winning the game on Saturday?

SB:We have to stop their run game, their run game is tremendous. They have a quarterback and running back that are both very good. We have to spread out our offense and stop their run game defensively, like what we have been doing all year and with that we should be in a good place.