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Friday Night Football Q&Adrian with Shane Miller from St. Joseph High School

Senior wide receiver Shane Miller will be competing in his last high school football game against Brookfield on Saturday December 14th. Miller has been the favorite receiver for St. Joseph this year by making multiple big plays to contribute to the Cadets high powered offense. St. Joseph has racked up 146 points so far in their first two playoffs games. I got a chance to catch up with Shane to reflect on his team and to talk about the upcoming game.


It's your senior year and your last football game in your high school career, how does it feel to be playing on the last day?

Shane Miller: It's great because we been working for this all year, in the summer, weight lifting, and running. So to get here, all the hard work has been paying off.


The big story for your team so far is your offense, putting up 146 points in the first two games of the playoffs, talk a little about the high powered offense.

SM:We are working hard and our offense is clicking right now. Jordan is doing a great job calling the plays, and our backs are doing a great job running the ball. Receivers are making plays and the line are making blocks, so everyone is stepping up.


How much do you know about Brookfield going into the championship game?

SM:Not much, because we are not in the same conference as them, but we are doing a good job in preparing. We are watching film and going over their schemes in practice. We will be prepared and the coaches are doing a great job.


Last time you was in the playoffs last year your team came up short losing in the quarter finals, what's the differences in your team from last season?

SM:We have a lot of heart, and we're not giving up. In last year test, we lost to Hillhouse in the quarter finals that left a bad taste in our mouths. So to come back this season, we wanted to get these wins in the state playoffs. Our defense improved every week and we are not giving up.


In your opinion, what's are going to be the keys on being successful on Saturday?

SM:Just focusing on our assignment, knowing what we have to do, what are assignment are and what the other team is trying to do. We need to just focus on execution.