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Man leaves large tips to honor his brother's memory


A Kentucky man left a $500 tip for a waitress in Hamden Monday night, which left her in tears.

Monday nights at Eli's on Whitney Avenue are usually slow. However, last night, Seth Collins   changed all that and did in memory of his little brother, Aaron, who died last year, at the age of 30.

"He asked we go out and have dinner and leave a waiter or waitress an awesome tip," Seth Collins said.

Seth's friend recorded the whole thing as Seth Collins settled up his dinner bill and explained what his brother wanted. Seth Collins handed his waitress, Amanda Calandro, $500.

Calandro, who is a young mother, said she originally planned on switching shifts. At first couldn't believe what Seth Collins was saying and doing in memory of his brother.

"In his will, his last wish was to give servers really big tips," Calandro said.

Aaron Collins' love for helping servers apparently goes back to their childhood when dad was maybe a little tight on tipping.

"He would take a couple of dollars from his allowance and toss it in there," Seth Collins said. "He just wanted those people to be taken care of from the time he was young."

Calandro said she thought Christmas was going to be tight for her and two-year-old, Meadow. 

"(It) just lightens the load," Calandro said. "I'll be able to pay those couple of bills I was struggling with."

Seth Collins has already done this type of incident in 44 states and only has six more states to go.

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