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Public safety officer saves Christmas for Hartford family

The Liggins family got a special delivery on Christmas. The Liggins family got a special delivery on Christmas.

A public safety officer at Hartford Hospital saved Christmas for a local family after finding a handwritten note asking for help.

The officer said he was walking around the campus on Christmas Day and found a letter tossed to the side and torn in half.

He said something told him to stop and read it, and saw it was a plea for help written by Hartford resident Kim Liggins.

Liggins said she spent the year caring for her husband, who had suffered a stroke. New medications and constant checkups at Hartford Hospital took it's toll, draining the Liggins of any Christmas money. In end, she had no gifts for her children.

"His health was gone, so there was no work, and it's been hard," Liggins said.

On a recent visit to Hartford Hospital, Liggins put her thoughts into words. 

"I was writing everything that happened and if I could have a Christmas wish, what would it be," Liggins said.

It was a cathartic experience, she then tore the letter in half.

"Never thought anything would come of it," Liggins said.

It was picked up by security guard, Art Bouchard.

"I decided to go down and put it back together, and see what it was," Bouchard said. "And it said a family was having trouble."

Bouchard decided to grant Liggins and her family, her Christmas wish. He called the family and asked them what could be done.

The public safety team sprung into action and called the Connecticut Children's Medical Center, which had extra Christmas gifts to share with the family.

On Christmas Day, Bouchard, Ray Brodeur and Miguel Bermudez gathered up the gifts and hand-delivered them to the family at their home on Stonington Street. 

Liggins' two grandchildren, 2-year-old Avery and 5-year-old Amaya, received games, dolls and even a Christmas turkey dinner.

"They made Christmas," Liggins said. "They made Christmas in our house."

By the smiles on the girls' faces, it made their Christmas. Bouchard said seeing them, made his Christmas too. 

"They had enough stuff to play with, so it was kinda nice," Bouchard said.

The Liggins family will still be paying visits to Hartford Hospital, and they've gotten to know a lot of the doctors there, but now, they've made a new friend.

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