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Former Royals pitcher helps family after wreck


The icy roads this past weekend were treacherous for area drivers with many cars ending up in ditches all over the metro. But for one Overland Park family, their help came in the form of a former Royals pitcher.

Jaime Bluma has seen some pretty wild things, but he'd never seen anything like what he saw Saturday.

"The pickup truck was going across the median going westbound. We were eastbound and it hit the Honda CRV in front of us and rolled it on its passenger side. It was almost like watching a movie," Bluma said.

He was heading home from the University of Kansas basketball game at the time and didn't hesitate to quickly jump out of his car and help.

"I get to the underneath side of the car and the husband's opening the driver's side car door from on top the car and says, 'I've got two babies in the car,'" Bluma said.

In the car was Derek Evans, his wife and brother and their two young children.

"My brother and I pushed our way out of the car and as soon as we were there, Jaime Bluma was there helping us. He helped everybody out of the vehicle," Evans said.

Evans says it's probably the scariest thing that's ever happened to his family and just knowing someone like Bluma would pull over and help the way he did means everything.

"After going through something as traumatic as that, he gave us a warm vehicle to stay in. It means the world to me," he said.

For Bluma, years of playing baseball taught him to deal with pain. As he helped Evans rescue his family from the car and get them to the warmth of his, it was only then that he realized he'd suffered an injury himself.

"Full patella tendon rupture," Bluma said of his injury.

After the very scary-looking wreck and rescue, Bluma's injury was the most serious. All other injuries were minor.

Despite his current pain, Bluma says he'd do it again in a heartbeat.

"There's no way we weren't going to stop. That's just what you do. I wouldn't do it any other way," he said.

Bluma is currently a pitching coach at 68 Inside Sports and says he'll be teaching from a wheelchair for the next several weeks.

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