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Arizona increases minimum wage for 2014

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TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

Good news for some workers in Arizona - with the New Year comes a higher minimum wage for the state, but it's not quite what some local activists were hoping for.

When protestors rallied outside a McDonalds on Alvernon and 22nd Street earlier this month, they were asking for $15 an hour.  What workers will actually get is an extra ten cents an hour – so Arizona minimum wage will go from $7.80 to $7.90 an hour.

Arizona has been above the minimum wage of $7.25 and has raised the amount every year since 2007.  The issue of fair wages sparked protests nationwide earlier this month. 

How many people will this increase affect in Arizona?  Several years ago the Bureau of Labor Statistics showed about 85,000 workers in Arizona were at minimum wage or less, like those who work for tips.

Arizona is with more than 20 states on having minimum wage above the federal level. 

President Obama has said he supports having Congress lift the federal minimum wage to more than $10 an hour – however there is no official word yet on whether he will make a push for that in 2014.

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