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Neighbor rescues mother, 2 children from burning balcony

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A Glendale mother and two of her children are counting their blessings today after a neighbor rescued them from their burning home late Sunday night.

When firefighters arrived at the home near 71st Avenue and Glendale, the back of the home was fully engulfed.

The Glendale Fire Department estimates the flames were anywhere from 40 to 50 feet in the air.

The woman and her two kids were on their back balcony screaming for help when one of their neighbors came to their rescue.

Before neighbor Jose Magana could get a ladder to get them off the balcony, he told the mother to drop her 2-year-old off the balcony and he would save her.

"She was telling me, 'You better catch my baby.' I just said, 'Just let me know when you're dropping her.' And she goes, 'Alright, here she goes,' and she dropped her and I caught her," Magana told CBS 5 News Monday morning.

"I just let her go like as if there was something cushy under her that was going to catch her fall, but I had to rely on his instinct to catch my baby," Tierra Richardson said.

The mom and her 12-year-old who were still inside were given a ladder to get out. Right after they did, fire officials said, the balcony they were on became engulfed in flames.

No one was hurt.

Fire officials said it will take some time before they determine a cause in the fire.

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