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911 call tipped police on bank robbery

Police say Garnett was shot and killed by officers outside a Phoenix bank. Police say Garnett was shot and killed by officers outside a Phoenix bank.

A nationwide manhunt for a serial bank robber ended on Saturday when Mario Garnett was shot and killed by a Phoenix police officer outside a Compass Bank on Thomas Road.

Police say 911 calls alerted them of the bank robbery early, allowing officers to get to the scene before Garnett left with his loot.

Caller: "I just saw someone run into the Compass Bank on Thomas and 20, 34th Avenue with a mask on."

Dispatcher: "24th or 34th?"

Caller: "34th. We don't know if he's robbing it or not but we're sitting across the street and if he comes out and jumps in his car and takes off like a bat out of hell, I'll get his license plate and give it to you."

Court records show in 2010, Garnett was arrested by the Secret Service in Oklahoma City and eventually pleaded guilty to threatening President Barack Obama. Garnett was sentenced to eight months in federal prison and ordered to receive mental healthcare.

According to court records, Garnett posted the threat on the White House website, writing, "If you order a strike on Iran, I'm going to come up there and blow your brains out on national TV. You scheming hypocrite."

In April 2012, Garnett's probation was revoked. According to the Federal Bureau of Prisons, Garnett was released on July 19, 2013.

Later in the year, Garnett was suspected of robbing banks and holding up customers for cash in Georgia and killing one police officer and injuring another during a gunfight in Mississippi.

This time, police were ready for him, but the 911 caller said Garnett didn't go down without a fight.

Caller: "They're shooting! They're shooting! One guy down. He's down. I am an eyewitness to this whole fiasco, sweetie."

Dispatcher: "[Police] got the right guy, right?"

Caller: "Well, yeah. The guy pulled a gun and started shooting at the officer."

Police were unharmed during Garnett's latest heist and officers say his crime spree is over thanks to the tip from a 911 caller across the street.

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